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My Fellow Angelenos – Solar Power YES, Measure B NO

As a person concerned about the environment and with a strong desire to see Los Angeles become greener, I think it is sad to hear about measures that seem green at first appearance, but as you dig further, you discover it seems to be greenwashing.  After hearing the arguments from both sides this past Monday Night at our East Hollywood Neighborhood Council, we decided as a council to recommend people to vote NO on Measure B.

This site provides many of the reasons why we decided as a council to encourage people to vote no on Measure B.  Surf around the site, check out some videos and then of course check out the ballotpedia page to find the arguments in support of Measure B and see if you come to the same conclusions that Solar Power is good for LA, but Measure B is not.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments or links to helpful sites in regard to this issue that we will be voting on this next week.  Whatever you do, please try and make an informed vote, and don’t get greenwashed.

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