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A Preview on My Final Paper This Quarter

Abstract Globalization

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So I am hard at work this week finishing up my last major paper (30 pages) for the quarter. Since that is what I have been thinking about this week and will continue to think about through Thursday morning, I thought I would give you a sense of where I am going with it.

My working title is: Equippers as Environmentalist [Re-Imagining Leadership in Today’s Western Church].

The thesis of my paper is that if the church is going to faithfully rebirth herself in the Western context and cultivate a fruitful missional ethos, she must awaken the five equippers to live as environmentalists instead of master programmers.

If leaders are going to help the church faithfully incarnate herself into the current context, we must first learn what it means to be environmentalist as well as how to engage in the art of bilingual theological reflection. Secondly, we must learn how to navigate the major shifts that are taking place in our culture; the media shift from the print and broadcast age to the digital age; the philosophical shift from modernity to postmodernity; the science shift from the classic science to new systems science; the spaciality shift from rural living to urban living and finally the religious shift from the Christendom era to the post Christendom era.

Next we need to re-imagine what leadership might look light in the light of our context and mission. I will make the case that what we need today is polycentric leadership that involves the five equippers that Paul mentions in Ephesians, living as Environmentalists, cultivating a fruitful missional ethos.

And finally, I will take a look at practical ways that the five equippers can organically shape environments where life emerges in spontaneous ways. We will look at the role of the equippes in various spaces form mid-sized groups to congregations.

That is the basic flow that is going on right now. So I will get back to my paper. Does it sound interesting to you?

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