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Earthships – Homes Without Utility Bills
There are 60 houses dotting the landscape of Taos, New Mexico called Earthships, which is basically new biotecture that builds with these five principles: 1. Thermal/Solar Heating and Cooling  2. Solar and Wind Electricity  3.Contained Sewage Treatment  4. Building with Natural and Recycled Materials 5. Water Harvesting  6. Food Production.  You can check out the International Earthship Expeditions, current earthship listings in Taos, NM, as well as this clip on KCAL 9.

Paging Rick Warren

Fred Barnes in this article at The Weekly Standard makes the case that a pastor, in particular, Rick Warren has done a better job at helping us get to know the candidates than the last two debates, which haven’t given us a whole lot more information than what we hear on the stump speeches.  If you didn’t get the chance to view Warren’s interviews with Obama and McCain, you can view it at the Saddleback Civil Forum website. 

Beverly Hills Home For Sale – Price Drops $10,000 Every Friday
A picture of the rapidly changing landscape of the Real Estate Market.  Check out this sign and house that is Coldwater Caynon.  The photo of the Day in the LA Times.

Understanding a Little About the Economic Crises

Marketplace Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch gives an explanation of the intricacies of collaterlized debt obligations those financial instruments that got us into this financial mess.  Check out the YouTube video below.            

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