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Hey California – Some Thoughts on Twelve Propositions – November 2008

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There are some friends and I, who are taking some time to research the various propositions that us (Californian’s) have to vote for this coming Tuesday. Tonight we started the project, where a few of us are going through each proposition, considering the positives and negatives, linking to websites as well as sharing some of our notes on a google document.

Tonight the group looked at the first five propositions. I had to leave early, so I didn’t participate in the last couple. You will see the names of the researcher’s listed for each proposition and a recommendation if there is one. We will finish the task on Thursday, but if want to take a look at the document, you can. If you have some thoughts on the different propositions, please feel free to comment.

The document will be updated again on Thursday night, hopefully with thoughts on each of the other propositions. Feel free to pass on helpful links and take some time to vote.

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