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Choice Blog Entries – Pop Culture, Changed Questions, Faith and Culture

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Preaching and Pop Culture
Most every Friday at the preaching today blog, Brian Lowery takes the time to look at pop culture, what people are watching, reading, listening to and learning about. This is his entry for this past week.

The Questions Have Changed
David Fitch at Reclaiming the Mission writes about how a woman in his church, Cyd Holsclaw who when taking a course on the introduction to theology and was given questions from various categories of systematic theology, after looking at the questions, she decided to re-write them and make them more contextual. The questions she came up with in regard to ecclesiology, soteriology, sanctification, theology and anthropology are ones that I get all the time. It’s worth a look.

Faith and Culture in the Biblical Story
Tony at Sets N Service posts a pdf on part of a six-part class he is teaching on “Faith and Culture.” It’s a good read and uses a number of quotes from Andy Crouch’s recent book Culture Making.

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