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A Missional View of the Doctrine of Election – The Series

How a Robust View of Election Leads to a Holistic Gospel and Meaningful Missional Engagement The basic goal of this series of posts is to demonstrate that as we recover a missional view of election, with the help of Lesslie … Continue reading

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Divided by Hell? An Assessment of “Love Wins” by Rob Bell: Heresy, Orthodoxy & Final Judgment – Part I

John Piper, an elder statesmen for The Gospel Coalition tweeted three simple words and linked to a blog post by Justin Taylor. Within moments, accusations flew and debates exploded among Christians on the Internet for the whole world to see. … Continue reading

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Rob Bell’s New Book – Love Wins – Gets Judged Before Most Read It

I find it quite sad that so many have judged Rob Bell as a potential heretic because of a tweet they read from John Piper which says “Farewell Rob Bell”, or because of a provocative blurb that the publishers wrote … Continue reading

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