Equipping God's People to Create Missional Culture

Reviews and Interviews

This is a collection of reviews and interviews related to Creating a Missional Culture: Equipping the Church for the Sake of the World.  Here are links to reviews on blogs, group and magazine sites as well as link to the big sites like Amazon and Good Reads.  You can also find various interviews I have done here.  Check out the list of endorsements here. Download a free sample chapter here.  Take a look at an overview of the book here.

“It’s like the Starfish and the Spider for missional leaders” – J.R. Briggs (Author, Pastor from Philadelphia area)

“This may be the best book of congregational life I’ve read all year!”  – Byron Borger (Hearts & Minds Books)

Magazines/Journals/Group Sites
Returning to Multiplying Disciples at GCM Collective by Seth McBee (Maple Valley, WA)
Ten New Books for Church Leaders on Congregational Life, Pastoring, Ministry at Hearts & Minds Books by Byron Borger (Dallastown, PA)
Missional Monks by Bret Wells (Burleson, TX)
The Culture of the Congregation by Matt Kottman, Themelios, The Gospel Coalition
Training for Everyday Evangelism in the Digital Age by Ron Clark, The Christian Chronicle
Breaking Old Habits: Mission Leaders Advocate Change, Adaptability by Suanne Camfield, Web Biblia
Pastoral Quotient – Review and Interview with Charles Klamut (Priest)

Best Book on the Missional Church (2012) – Hearts & Minds Books

A New Church for a New Generation by Joe Watkins (Fortville, IN)
Not Just Another Missional Book at The Common Loon by Dan Stringer (Kailua, HI)
Practical Help for a Tough Concept at Apprentice2Jesus by Dan Thompson (Minneapolis, MN)
Invites New Directions for the Church to Think About and Explore at SomeStrangeIdeas by John Chandler (Austin, TX)
The “How-To’s” of Getting Missional DNA into the Culture of the Community by Chris Green (Netherlands)
A Fresh View on Shaping Missional Culture, A Good Application of the APEST Model by Dr. Carlus Gupton (Knoxville, TN)
An Accessible Text Book on the Missional Frontier by Dan White Jr. (Syracuse, NY)
A Comfort and Inspiration by Zachary James Hoag (Burlington, VT)
Refreshing Paradigm for Leadership and Mission in Church Culture by Billy Williams (Morgantown, WV)
Empowers Grassroots Practice by Chris Lenshyn (Mission City, British Columbia)
A Clear Biblical Case for Polycentric Leadership by Joshua Lee Henry (Fort Wayne, IN)
Cultivating Five Environments for a Missional Culture by Daniel Im, Alberta, Canada
The Cultural Web by Scott Boren, St. Paul, MN

Here are all the Amazon reviews, and some of the current titles of the reviews:
I am Wearing Out My Highlighter – Tami Lakey (USA)
Every Missional Leader Should Buy and Read This Book – Michael Britton (Pelham, AL)
This Book is a Missional Goldmine! – Sam Kim (NY, NY)
My Favorite Missional Resource – Sam Smith (Chicago, IL)
A Field Guide for Cultivating Healthy Faith Communities – Paul Baldwin (Elkhart, IN)
The Best Single Book on Missional Leadership – David Keasler (Miami, FL)
The Heart of Missional Leadership – Duke Vipperman (Toronto, Canada)
The Gift of Polycentric Leadership – Ty Griggs (Chicago, IL)
Churches Need This Book – Lance Ahl (Pasadena, CA)
Best Resource on Missional – Kevin Sweeny (Honolulu, HI)
A Guide to Creating a Healthy Discipleship Culture – Stephen Gonzalez (Sumter, SC)
The ‘Salt & Pepper’ Needed to Equip the Church – Arlene Rauen (Los Angeles, CA)
Great Descriptions of the Ideal Church Culture – Kathleen Ward (Perth, Australia)
The Norm for Christian Leadership in the 21st Century – Noah Stepro (Pearblossom, CA)
A Helpful Voice for the Missional Conversation – John Chandler (Austin, TX)
This Book Will Give You a Clear Picture of the Culture of Your Church – Joshua Reich (Tucson, AZ)
Excellent Perspective from a Doer – Billy Mitchell (St. Petersburg, FL)
A Book that Treats Ecclesiology with Biblical Reverence – Matthew D. Hansen (Austin, TX)
Not Just Another Missional Book – Dan Stringer (Mililani, HI)
Practical, Accessable, & Essential – A Rare Find – Jamie Arpin-Ricci (Winnipeg, Canada)
Outstanding Resource on Equipping Mature Disciples for Mission – Charles Klamut (Peoria, IL)
A Well Worn Book – Delmarshae Sledge (Cleveland Heights, OH)

Good Reads
Reviews, Ratings and Talk about Creating a Missional Culture

The Hillhurst Review – An interview with Ryan Bell
Ecclesia Leadership Podcast: Episode 8 – An interview with John Chandler and Todd Hiestand
The Burner Blog – An Interview with David Kludt
ChurchNext – An interview with Chris Yaw
Saint Equipper – An Interview with Alan Briggs
An Interview with Ed Stetzer – Christianity Today
Disruptive Christian Leadership – An Podcast Interview with Fr. Charles Klamut

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