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Unplugging until July 8th

UnpluggedI’m starting my holiday tomorrow and am seeking to remain unplugged from social media and blogging through July 8th, except for perhaps  to post an instragram photo here and there, because photography recharges me emotionally.

As a person who loves interacting on social media, I think it is important to have times to unplug.  Unplugging will give me the chance to focus on face-to-face connections.  Since I will be with extended family this week, I want to be able to be as present as possible.  I also just don’t want to feel the need to do anything in particular.  I will likely take time to read, reflect, relax, seek God, and just enjoy being with family and friends.

So until July 8th, may you experience God’s grace in amazing ways and seek to bless others in your life.

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