Equipping God's People to Create Missional Culture

Last Day to Get Creating a Missional Culture (kindle version) for $2.99

Today, Saturday, June 29th is the last day to get the kindle version of Creating a Missional Culture for JUST $2.99.  So if you haven’t ordered it yet, now is the time!

Here are some of the things you will gain by reading Creating a Missional Culture

  • understand what missional culture is and why it is important
  • discover the five environments that unleash the missional imagination of God’s people
  • learn how to assess the culture of the congregation you serve through the culture web
  • understand how the culture of the congregation you serve will help or hinder the maturity of the church
  • learn how to identify, cultivate and multiply the five equippers in the congregation you serve
  • learn why polycentric leadership makes more sense than hierarchical leadership or flat leadership
  • get practical tools that will enhance your ability to lead as a tam of cultural architects, cultivating environments where good things run wild
  • and more…

Here are what a few people are saying about the book

“You are holding a hard-won treasure.  This is not some fluffy, shallow, exploration of the topic – those caricatures abound already.  This book is well written, theologically well-considered, and peppered with the kind of missiological insights that only an apostolically inclined leader can bring.  As a long time practioner of these ideas, JR brings a distinctive practical edge to the equation, and the reader is given real life possibilities to impliment.” – Alan Hirsch, author, The Permanent Revolution

“JR Woodward’s remarkable book defies categorization.  To ‘create a missional culture’ requires disciplined biblical and theological formation, discerning engagement with contemporary cultures, appreciative interaction with diverse resources, and the courage to experiment and to innovate.  Woodward does all that and more.” – Darrell Guder, professor, Princeton Theological Seminary

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