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“Goodbye Grey Eyes” – A Poem by Tori Lane

Colorful Windows by Dino Quinzani CC 2.0

Colorful Windows by Dino Quinzani CC 2.0

I no longer like having walls in my way,
now moving toward that wakeful moment
when I’ll see something real
lick up the dew of beauty
and call it good rather than foolishly unreal.
Trailing off in thought
and into the demise of nightmares,
it won’t be fair but I don’t care,
it’s my time to know better things
yes, it’s time for me to move on
to the undeserved glory of smiles
and eyes with some color in them,
following the compass points
that stab directions in the ground,
following bread crumb prayers
that intoxicate the night with brutal hope.
I’ve searched the rocks and the rubble,
finding time to clear out bricks and pebbles,
break down the ruins and crumbled remnants
so I can join Nehemiah in the rebuilding
of temples and blessed walls and holier gates.
The prophets have been throwing rocks
at my windows, vying for my attention,
denting the screens I put up
to keep out pesky purpose,
only letting in a little bit of air,
but it’s time to move on and breathe
in the smoke of hope that hurts
and burns all the way down with potential.

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