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The Missional Church and the Kingdom of God

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If the missional church is to be a sign, instrument and foretaste of the kingdom, then it ought to reflect the kingdom of God.  I’ve pulled together some verses and rich quotes about the kingdom to ponder.

Jesus taught his disciples to pray: “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)

Jesus announcing his ministry and the good news: “The time has come, he said, “The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news.” – Jesus Christ (Mark 1:14,15)

Some have domesticated, tamed or emasculated the good news by limiting
it only to another time and another place, and followed the way of the
Gnostics, but Jesus was bringing Good News for today in this place, as
well as to the people of Galilee and surrounding areas for that time in
that place.

“Jesus appeared as one who proclaimed the kingdom: all else in his message and ministry serves a function in relation to that proclamation and derives it’s meaning from it. The challenge to discipleship, the ethical teaching, the disputes about the oral tradition or ceremonial law, even the pronouncement of the forgiveness of sins and the welcoming of the outcast in the name of God – all these are to be understood in the context of the Kingdom proclamation or they are not to be understood at all.” – Norman Perrin from Rediscovering the Teaching of Jesus

“The biblical image of the kingdom or reign of God provides a multidimensional and all-encompassing vision which responds to the deepest fears and hopes of human persons. It also expresses God’s desire for the fulness and abundance of human life in the redeeming and healing of all creation. Jesus’ message is the good news of the inauguration of God’s reign of mercy, justice, peace and joy.” – Inagrace Dietterich from Cultivating Missional Communities

When it comes to the meaning and power of Jesus’ proclamation of the kingdom:

“It is both a present and a future reality. It has to do with each individual creature and with the whole of society. It was addressed initially to ‘the lost sheep of the house of Israel,’ but was destined ‘for the whole world’ and to ‘the ends of the earth.’ It embraces all dimensionsd of human life: physical, spiritual, personal, and interpersonal, communal and societal, historical and eternal. It encompasses all human relationships – with neighbor, with nature, and with God. It implies a total offer and a total demand.” – Mortimer Arias from Announcing the Reign of God

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