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The 12 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2012

Top 12I have already given you my top 12 bloggers that I have appreciated this past year. Here are the blog posts and/or pages that those who came to this site in 2012 visited the most.  If you haven’t had a chance to check these out yet, take some time now to do so.

1. A Primer on Today’s Missional Church
This massive post that I did back in 2008 continues to get the most hits every year since it was posted. If you want to learn about the missional church, this is one of the places to go.

2. The Equippers
This is a new page on my newly designed website. It gives a short overview of the five equippers found in Ephesians 4 with some diagnostic questions as well as links to descriptions of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher.

4. The Book
This is also a new page on my new website that not only gives a synopsis of Creating a Missional Culture, but other interesting links related to the latest reviews and interviews about the book as well as a page of endorsements and a place to download a free sample chapter. It’s worth checking out.

5. Resources
This new page puts you in touch with many resources related to helping you and the church you serve live missionally. From a free equipper assessment, to free on-line resources, recommended reading and over 50 review of books about leadership and the missional church.

6. Free Equipper Assessment
One this page that became live this past year, you can find a link to take a free five-fold assessment as well as find links to descriptions of each of the five fold callings.

7. Monday Morning Medicine
Every Monday I try and post something humorous on my site, because as Proverbs 17:22 says, “a cheerful heart is good medicine.” This particular Monday Morning Medicine was the most visited one this past year.

8.  16 Words to Ponder
If you want to be encouraged by something that is short, yet meaningful, check out this post.

9.  The Official Release of Creating a Missional Culture and How you Can Spread the Word
This probably made the top ten because I probably tweeted it a few times to let people know that Creating a Missional Culture was no available. If you read this post, you will find five ways that you can help spread the word about the book. I appreciate anything you do to help people become aware of the book.

10. The Eucharist as Anticipation of the Eschatological Gathering of the Whole People of God
If you want to read one of the most profound statements about the eucharist, this would be the post you want to read. The statement comes from John Zizioulas, the well known Easter Orthodox theologian.

11. The Five Dysfunctions of of a Team
To accomplish anything in the world, you need a team. So it is important to understand the biggest dysfunctions of a team so that you know how to overcome them. This is a summary statement of the five dysfunctions according to Patrick Lencioni.

12. The Missional Church in Perspective
This is my summary of the first half of the book The Missional Church in Perspective by Craig Van Gelder and Dwight Zscheile. If you want to understand the nature of the missional church, this is a must read post.

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