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Statement of Faith Project – Part 1

So I am engaging in an exercise of writing up a statement of faith and would love your input.  There are a number of reasons I need to engage in the project, and some basic guidelines I need to follow.  I am writing this with the larger evangelical movement in mind.  So without going into more detail, let me start.  First for an overview.

I am choosing to address the following categories.  While I may have chosen a different approach to what I am taking here, some of the criteria I have been given ahead of time has led me here. These are the various areas I will address in this series of posts.

  • Scripture
  • The Triune God
  • Humanity
  • The Gospel
  • Jesus Christ
  • Holy Spirit
  • The Church
  • Eschatology

So let’s start part one by looking at the scriptures.  As you read this statement about scripture, feel free to tell me what you like, what you think needs to be added, what you might take away, or any other comment you might have.  This is just a first draft.  The statement needs to be succinct, so keep that in mind.

Revelation is God’s self-disclosure to humanity. While revelation is wider than scripture, we need the scripture to discern truth.  Thus God has made himself known to us through special revelation, as people have been moved along and inspired by the Holy Spirit to speak, write, collect and canonize the 66 books of Holy Scripture which point to God as the authority in all of life. The scriptures are infallible and utterly reliable in helping us discern truth and reality.  They have been written to guide and enable God’s people to do God’s work in His world.

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