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Experience Israel with Chosen People Ministries

About 10 years ago I had the opportunity to go to Israel for the first time.  The trip was meaningful for so many reasons.  Let me share just a few with you.   The first was because my friend Justin Kron, our tour leader is one of those guys who knows where to go and leads us there with a smile.  He is both fun loving and deeply spiritual.  It makes for a good mix.  Second, going with Chosen People Ministries gives you a genuine Jewish Messianic perspective.  Our primary teacher was a Messianic Jew.  I, as a Gentile, was asked to teach a few times as well.  The Jewish historian who we met there was amazing as well.  Third, this trip is designed to go with a bunch of young people from 18-35.  This made for a great time.  In fact, one of my friends ended up finding his mate on this trip.  Totally true.  And finally, having our own worship leader along made it special as well.

If you have wanted to go to Israel but haven’t taken that step yet, you should think about going this summer with Justin and gang.  You will be glad you did. The flyer below gives you some basic details.  If you go to eXperience Israel site you can get all the details.

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