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Top Posts, Cities and Countries for November 2011

Here is the break down from last month, for those who want to catch up on reading or have an interest in my stats. Here are the top ten posts from this past month, as well as the top ten countries and cities that have visited this blog in the month of November this year.

Top 10 Most Visited Pages in March 2011
Post 1: A Primer on Today’s Missional Church
Post 2: What Does a Population of 7 Billion Mean for Church Planters
Post 3: Waiting for the Light – A Resource for Advent
Post 4: The Power of Polycentric Leadership – Occupy Wall Street Goes Global – 82 Countries 1500+ Cities
Post 5: Leadership on the Line by Heifetz and Linsky
Post 6: What Church Planters Can Learn from Steve Jobs – Part 2
Post 7: Monday Morning Medicine – Japanese Prank
Post 8: Leading with a Limp by Dan Allendar
Post 9: Heading to the Bay Area for the Weekend
Post 10: Monday Morning Medicine – Japanese Girl Prank

Top Ten Cities Visiting this Blog in November 2011
1. Los Angeles
2. London
3. New York
4. San Francisco
5. Washington
6. Lansing
7. Ann Arbor
8. Chicago
9. Columbus
10. Portland

Top Ten Countries Visiting this Blog in November 2011
1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Australia
5. India
6. Netherlands
7. Philippines
8. Brazil
9. Indonesia
10. South Korea

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