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Heading to Orlando and Miami

This month’s focus is to refocus and think about the next season of my life.  I’m flying out to Orlando, because I sit on the GCM board, and we are having a board meeting this coming week.  GCM is a ministry which enables people to enter into full time ministry, it is the organization in which I raise my support through.  If you have a call to be in full time ministry as a church planter or some other ministry where you need to raise your support, it’s a great group to check out.

The great thing about being in Orlando and Miami, besides the great weather, is I have a lot of friends there, so will be a great time to get council from people in regard to my next season of life.  If you live in Orlando and want to connect, let me know.

On Friday, I’m planning on driving with a friend from Orlando to Miami to hang out with Keas Keasler, Matt Forest Alexander and gang.  This coming Sunday, November 20th, I’ll be speaking at Rhythm Church, so if you are in the area, stop by.  My topic will be Viral Hope – A Hope Worth Spreading.

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