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The Gospel in Focus

Catalyst Leadership

The November/December edition of Catalyst Leadership, a free digital magazine, is online now.  The theme is The Gospel in Focus. They have a good list of contributors for this all important question:  What is the gospel?

This issue of the digital magazine has a number of contributors answering the question through video and writing.  Here are some of the entries.

Video:  The Gospel of Restoration – Gabe Lyons

The Gospel in all its Forms – Tim Keller

Is Our Gospel Too Small? – Tim Keel

The Gospel for iGens – Scot McKnight

What is the gospel? is the question that we sought to answer in a book I edited entitled ViralHope: Good News from the Urbs to the Burbs (and everywhere inbetween), where fifty authors take on the task of sharing the good news for their city, together weaving a beautiful tapestry of the gospel in all its depth and complexity.  The essays reveal how the gospel lives and breathes in neighborhoods around the world.

Some of the contributors include Christine Sine, David Fitch, Jon Tyson, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Erica Haub, Jason Clark, Len Hjalmarson and Jonathan Dodson.  Scot McKnight wrote the forward for the book.   We just started a Christmas Special where you can get 3 copies for just $15.  It makes a great gift.

Here is a short video on the book.

ViralHope is endorsed by Andrew Jones, Alan Hirsch, Alan Roxboxburgh, John Franke, Eddie Gibbs, Kelly Monroe Kullberg, Jim Belcher, Todd Hunter and Eugene Cho.  Your can read their thoughts  as well as order ViralHope here.

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