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The Social Trinity, Ecclesiology and Church Leadership – The Series

How a Social View of the Trinity Can Positively Inform Our Approach to Ecclesiology and Leadership in Today’s North American Church

Part 1: Introduction
Through dialoging with Leonardo Boff and Miroslav Volf in regard to their understanding of the Social Trinity, ecclesiology, and church leadership, we can more concretely imagine why and how local church leadership in North America out to be more interdependent, communal, relational, polycentric, participatory, self-surrendering, and self giving.

Part 2: The Ascent of the Social Trinity
There have been a couple of primary developments in Trinitarian thought, the most recent being the social Trinity, in our context of individualism, it is refreshing to look at the rich, mutually encouraging, and mutual dependent relationship between the Father, Son and Spirit.

Part 3: The Social Trinity, Ecclesiology, and Church Leadership
Two vital issues any organization addresses, is the pattern of power distribution and internal cohesion and unity.

Part 4: Emphasize the Three or One
How does focusing on the God as Father, Son and Spirit, or God as one influence and affect our approach to leadership?

Part 5: Ontology, Roles, and Perichoresis
How a deeper understanding of the nature and relationship within the Trinity help us understand how to live as leaders
What are the implications of emphasizing the oneness or the threeness of God?

Part 6: Interacting with Boff and Volf
Some of my reflection on Boff and Volf in regard the inner life of the Trinity

Part 7: Conclusion
Final thoughts on how the social view of the Trinity shapes our approach to power distribution and unity.

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