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The Nines – A Free Online Event

I had heard about this event last year and a little more about it this year.  It is a fully online conference and gathering for church leaders, where pastors and church leaders connect from across the world sharing and learning from one another.  It is taking place on Tuesday, September 27, 2011.  It starts at 10 a.m. EST and last for about 9 hours.

There is no traveling, no airfare, you just need a computer and a free schedule.  It is hosted by the Leadership Network, and this years topics include preaching and teaching, how we manage our time, how we build our marriage and family, how we disicple, use money, take care of ourselves physically and emotionally, among other topics.

One of the cool things about the event is you can nominate different people to participate.  If you go to this page, you can look at the people already nominated and vote for the people you would like to hear from.  You can also nominate someone else.  To vote, you go and sign in through facebook or twitter, then you can vote for as many people as you want.  Some of the people I voted for included David Fitch, Deb Hirsch, Ty Grigg, Francis Chan, Alan Hirsch, N.T. Wright, Shane Claiborne, Rachel Held-Evans, Jamie Arprin-Ricci, Todd Hiestand, Tim Keller, Brian McLaren, Scot McKnight, Andrew Jones, Jonathan Brink, Song-Chan Rah, Tom Sine, Charles Lee, Bill Kinnon, Mike Breen, Jaeson Ma, Jim Belcher, Jason Dukes and MaryKate Morse.

I just nominated Christine Sine to speak, because I think she has much wisdom to bring to us.  She is a contemplative activists, author, blogger, speaker, gardener and so much more. You can find her at GodSpace.  But be sure to go and vote for her.  Just sign in through facebook and twitter, find her name and check thumbs up.  You can vote for others as well.  I would love to hear her thoughts on some of the topics being covered.

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