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Intuitive Leadership by Tim Keel – Part 5

In his book Intuitive Leadership, near the end of the book Tim Keel talks about leadership as posture. I loved the whole book, and these postures were my favorite part of the book.

Here is the final posture Keel recommends for leaders.

9. A Posture of Dependence: From Resolution to Tension – and Back Again
Like chaos, the leader can embrace tension. Tension is created when two seemingly opposed realities are held in a dynamic relationship that demands engagement and interaction. Yet, since tension is discomforting, we attempt to opt quickly for resolutions that often maximize one half of a complex reality at the expense of the other half. In each of Keel’s leadership postures, leaders learn to embrace the twin realities in their dynamic tension (answers vs. questions, head vs. heart, work vs. play, etc) more readily than previously allowed. Leaders tend to be reactive and swing from one extreme to the other. Such reactions, Keel argues, are neither generative nor sustainable. To avoid the reactive swings toward quick resolution of tension, leaders must learn to live in and lead out of tension. Again, a posture of dependence and trust on God’s creative and dynamic work must be present in the leader. “What if leaders learned to live in and lead out of tension? What if leaders learned to discover the kind of dangerous peace that comes from knowing and engaging God in a creative and dynamic way? What if leaders refused resolution, not because resolution is bad but because it too often comes about as a way of escaping the demanding posture of dependence?”

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