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A Missional View of the Doctrine of Election – The Series

How a Robust View of Election Leads to a Holistic Gospel and Meaningful Missional Engagement

The basic goal of this series of posts is to demonstrate that as we recover a missional view of election, with the help of Lesslie Newbigin, in contrast to the historic Calvinist view of election, as understood by Wayne Grudem (and others like John Piper), we will discover how the “logic of election” is congruent with the universality of God’s love and the nature of salvation as cosmic, corporate and personal, thus be able to engage in mission more faithfully.

Part I: Introduction
The importance of the doctrine of election for mission.

Part II: Missional Modes of Theological Reflection
Why we need to engage doctrine with a missional hermeneutic.

Part III: Starting Points (Key Questions and Key Texts)
Where we start often shapes where we end.

Part IV: The Purpose of Election
Which question comes first, the why or the what for?

Part V: Election and Judgment
How are we to understand judgment in light of election?

Part VI: My Assessment
Why I consider Newbigin’s understanding of the doctrine of election superior to Grudem’s  (and John Piper).

Part VII: Conclusion
The God we worship is a choosing God and a missionary God, and as those who have been chosen and blessed, seek to carry that blessing to the world through power of the Holy Spirit, we will bear fruit and glorify God.

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