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Intuitive Leadership by Tim Keel – Part 2

In his book Intuitive Leadership, near the end of the book Tim Keel talks about leadership as posture.

Here are two more healthy postures for leaders that he mentions.

3. A Posture of Availability: From Spoken Words to Living Words
Like the Hebrew prophets, we must make ourselves available for God to work inside of us, then we are ready to speak in a genuine way. Often this means we must like the prophets undergo great suffering and pain. Keel says, “What if leaders assumed a posture of availability that pursued God regardless of the cost to our comfort zones? What if suffering became a trusted teacher rather than a hated foe? What if leaders learned to live the Word rather than merely reading or speaking it.

4. A Posture of Stillness: From Preparation to Meditation
Keel suggests that we need to spend less time preparing and more time fully present with God, our people and the Scriptures. We must slow down enough to sense God’s activity instead of simply pursuing our predetermined outcomes that might be more about us than God’s kingdom. He says, “If preparation means doing research and finding material that supports and illustrates your research, meditation is a deep and intimate conversation with God on God’s terms – simply allowing oneself to be present in stillness before the God we serve. To be present to God in this way allows our souls to be shaped beyond the ways we often try to conscript God for some end that we are pursuing, even those we pursue in his name… When are we ever postured in stillness? When do we ever wait in silence? And how and when do our churches participate with us in this critical posture of humility?

In part three, we will cover two more postures of intuitive leaders.

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