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ViralHope Easter Special!

If you haven’t ordered ViralHope yet, now is the time!  This is the best deal we have ever had on this book.  50 entries from 50 people around the world.  It is designed to be read through the Easter season, from Easter to Pentecost.  Click here for details on the Easter Special.

The Blurb
The gospel. The good news. Too often we boil it down to four steps, an easily memorized list of axioms, a diagram on the back of a napkin. But in the midst of all this, we seem to lose the wonder, poetry, and transformational nature of the gospel.

In ViralHope: Good News from the Urbs to the Burbs, fifty authors take on the task of sharing the good news for their city, together weaving a beautiful tapestry of the gospel in all its depth and complexity. These essays reveal how the gospel lives and breathes in neighborhoods around the world.

The Video

What People Are Saying
ViralHope is a refreshing book for a church that needs to be refreshed. JR Woodward, like a symphony conductor, brings together dozens of distinct voices that sing into harmony the sweet voice of hope in both the urban centers and suburban crawl.”
– Andrew Jones, The Boaz Project

ViralHope is a unique and enticing collection of postcards from a veritable who’s who of the missional church from across the Western world. It provides us with articulate and varied perspectives on how missionaries to the West are conceiving the good news in and for their various contexts. A worthy read.”
– Alan Hirsch, Author of The Forgotten Ways

ViralHope is a bold call to reject any and all reductions of the Gospel that minimize it to ‘cosmic life insurance’ on the one hand or, on the other, reduce it to ‘social action’. This is a full Gospel and a vision that our world desperately needs to hear.”
– Jim Belcher, Author of Deep Church

“The many-sided nature of the gospel is brilliantly displayed in ViralHope. Read it and think about how you would tell the story of hope where you live.”
– John Franke, Author of Manifold Witness: The Plurality of Truth

ViralHope inspires me to live more of the coming kingdom now.”
– Kelly Monroe Kullberg, Author of Finding God at Harvard and Finding God After Harvard

This book so deeply encourages me because it reminds me, you, us, and the rest of the world that no one monopolizes or owns the Gospel but rather the Gospel owns… and liberates us.”
– Eugene Cho, Pastor, Blogger and Founder of One Day’s Wages

“There has been a lot of talk the last decade about ‘the kingdom of God’ and being ‘missional.’ Going beyond mere explanation, ViralHope shows you what these terms mean. In fifty wonderful snapshots, ViralHope demonstrates that in many places and times the decade of talk has produced mature reflection and bountiful fruit.”
– Todd Hunter, Author of Giving Church Another Chance

“What a delight to read these posts from people on the ground working out the Gospel in their cities and ‘burbs’ in ordinary, everyday life. This is the kind of down-to-earth reporting we need right now. I will definitely be using this little gem for my work.” 
– Alan Roxburgh, Author of The Missional Leader

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