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The Emotional Healthy Church by Peter Scazzero

If you have never had a chance to read The Emotional Healthy Church by Peter Scazzero, you should.  It is an important read. He has a follow up to that one called Emotional Healthy Spirituality. But, here is a basic overview and the heart of The Emotional Healthy Church. After reading the six principles, let’s talk about which one(s) we feel stronger in, and which one(s) we feel we could see more growth.

The following six principles are interrelated and build upon each other.

Principle 1: Look Beneath the Surface
Becoming aware of how we respond, relate, and react in our daily life often involves more than our first-glance thoughts and intentions of the moment.

Principle 2: Break the Power of the Past
Realizing the degree to which our families of origins have shaped how we see the world, handle conflicts, and deal with emotions.

Principle 3: Live in Brokenness and Vulnerability
Realizing that we are all very broken people and that none of us comes to Jesus Christ with a “Get-Out-Of-Discipleship-for-Free” card. We all must be profoundly retrained, retaught, reworked, and reshaped under his lordship and grace.

Principle 4: Receive the Gifts of Limits
In our brokenness, we begin to see that God has blessed us with limitations that we must learn to embrace and receive instead of fight and deny. We were all born with certain limits, others were thrust upon us, and still others were a result of our own choices.

Principle 5: Embracing Grieving and Loss
In seeing the limits of our life, especially the ones over which we have no control, we enlarge our soul by grieving the reality that we can never do and be all that we’ve hoped for on this side of the new heavens and new earth.

Principle 6: Make Incarnation Our Model for Loving Well
Getting better acquainted with our own limits, our own past, our own brokenness, and ourselves, we can hold onto to ourselves and love others more freely by entering into their world without losing our true self.

When it comes to the area that I feel most developed in it would probably be “Make incarnation our model for loving well.”  When it comes to the area I need to see the most growth in, it would be “Receiving the gift of limits”.  What about you?

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