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Friday Favorites

The Mysterious Case of Pepe, the Pepper.

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On Fridays, I’m hoping to bring you some of my favorite blog posts from the week, thus calling this Friday Favorites. They will likely cover some of the same areas each week and some different areas as well. So here are some of my favorites from this past week.

Favorite Art with Words
Keas Keasler in his post Father, Forgive us shares various pieces of art as he talks about the stations of the cross and the church’s sad heritage of anti-Semitism. Brace yourself. It is one of the most fascinating stations of the cross I’ve seen.

Favorite New Title for Jesus
Scot McKnight shares from his book One.Life where he calls Jesus, the Dream Awakener. And yes, he does credit me in a footnote in the book.

Favorite Books List of the Week
John Chandler in his post, Ten Books Every Pastor Should Own gives a great list of books that everyone should read. I appreciate how he gives a short paragraph description of each book. It’s work checking out.

Favorite Lenten Challenge
Kurt shares about his personal Lenten challenge of living on just $2 a day, like about half the world has to do. His post Simplicity in the Burbs ($2 a day): “Creativity is Awakened” may help you keep your Lenten challenge.

Favorite Poetical Post
Len Hjalmarson shares with us us some poetry that will give you some perspective in his post entitled words and the Word. Short but powerful blog post.

Favorite Advice of the Week
Michael Hyatt gives you 24 ways to get out of your funk, in his post 24 Hacks for Getting Out of Your Funk. So if you find yourself in a funk, check out his advice.

Favorite Thoughts on Silence
Danielle Shroyer gives some helpful thoughts on silence, prayer and meditation in her post The Wisdom of Silence. Check it out.

Favorite Upcoming Conference
My friend J.R. Briggs is hosting one of the most helpful and unusual conferences which is talks about in this post: the Epic Fail Pastors Conference starts… He gives a great description of the time, and it is coming sooner than you think.

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