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Friday Favorites

The Mysterious Case of Pepe, the Pepper.

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Some of my favorite blog posts that I read this past week. May the various reads enrich your soul.

Favorite “Not-So-Holy” Holy Week Reflection
Rachel Held Evans shares some meaningful thoughts on the real life in preparation for Holy week, how the symbolism of what took place in her life was beautiful, depressing, perfectly imperfect and beautiful again.

Favorite Missional Church Planter Training
Ben Sternke shares some of his thoughts on an upcoming conference for church planters, and how it was profoundly helpful for him.

Favorite Reprimand to Rob Bell
My friend John Chandler reprimands a particular statement Rob Bell has made in a number of interviews. It is a genuine reprimand and one I concur with wholeheartedly.

Favorite Words on The Gospel Coalition
David Fitch shares what he likes about this coalition as well as concerns. In addition he gives a call for a neo-anabaptist misssional vision. It’s worth checking out.

Favorite Passion Week on Twitter
Sternke commends to us a discipleship resource for passion week. A website and a twitter feed. Yes, everything has come to twitter.

Favorite Finding Your True Voice Post
Adam Walker Cleveland analyzes his two blog sites Pomomusing and Dazed Dad with Typealyzer, which is a website that is supposed to be able to decipher your Myers-Brigg personality type. He tried it on his blogs and came to some fascinating discoveries. You can read about it here, and even test it out yourself.

Favorite Advice on the Leadership Challenge
We are all faced with the Leadership Challenge, if you are planting churches and building movements. Dave DeVries shares some advice that is helpful and practical. Check it out.

Favorite Quote on Anger
J.R. Briggs shares a quote from Frederick Buechner on anger that will keep you thinking and help you to get rid of this vice and cultivate an alternative virtue.

Favorite Quote on Faithful Witness
In a day where the church is chiefly concerned with its own self-aggrandizement, Chandler gives us a great quote on missional faithfulness from Lesslie Newbigin all church leaders should read.

Favorite Quote on Writing
If you write a blog or write articles or books, then you will appreciate this advice on writing that Len shares with us from the pen of James K.A. Smith.

Favorite Quote on Bearing Our Crosses
Todd Hiestand works through a classic The Imitation of Christ to give us a quote to contemplate as we are approaching Holy Week. Will we bear His cross?

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