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LA 2010: Speaker Themes – Rob Merrill

LA 2010 is coming up next weekend on Friday, November 5th and Saturday November 6th. For a full list of the speakers and details about this UNconference, check out this LA 2010 post. Please RSVP for this event on our facebook event page. We have a seating capacity, so those who register on facebook will have first priority. Here is what Rob Merrill will be addressing.

Title: Discipleship as Gravity

Talk in a Sentence: Making discipleship the gravity of your church community at whatever level one enters it.

Talk in a Paragraph: What if we could make discipleship as normal in our church as the air we breath? Often times discipleship is allocated to a compartment of a church. Some of the times there are specific certified people that you go to for discipleship. But what if we made discipleship the most ordinary thing possible. Could we shape our community in such a way that when a person gets involved that they can’t help but find themselves living in the way of Jesus?

Rob Merrill –  is the founding pastor of Ecclesia Stockton, a church plant in downtown Stockton, CA.  He is currently bi-vocational, learning what it means to grow a church and what it looks like to teach and grow 3rd graders.  He isn’t quite sure which one is more difficult to master.  He spends his free time eating and drinking coffee at third places in the neighborhood while reading on his Kindle and soaking in his city. You can find Rob tweeting @RobGMerrill.

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