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Choice Blog Entries – I’ll Kill You, Eighth Letter, Barth Blog Conference


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Man was there some good reading and watching (interesting videos) this week in the blogosphere. Because we live in a culture of digital obesity (information overload and the expense of gaining knowledge) I seek to bring you three “choice blog entries” each week. Here are my suggestions for this week.

I’ll Kill You All
My friend Lon over at Solar Crash highlights his favorite talk out of TEDxToronto this year. It is from Boonaa Mohammed, a Muslim. It’s a poem that you won’t soon forget. And as Lon says, the pause during his final line was brilliant. Check it out.

A Letter to the Church in North America
There was an innovative gathering in Toronto called “Eighth Letter”. Each presenter was asked: If the writer of revelation had written ‘A Letter to the church in North America’ what would they have said? Here is Kester Brewin’s response. Take the time to check out his video, it’s worth the time. I love his closing thought to the North American church – “Abandon your purified, sterile churches, nothing can live there. Come join me in the dirt…”

Barth Blog Conference
Ben Myers at Faith and Theology not only helped me to become aware of the Karl Barth blog conference, but has done a great job gathering the posts from week one and week two. In week one, there is a general introduction, Barth and Schleiermacher, Barth and Herman Bavinck, Barth and Bonhoeffer, Barth and Tillich, and Barth and Robert Jenson. During the second week you have Barth and the Coen brothers, Barth and Robert Kegan, Barth and Pauline apocalypticism, Barth and Stanley Hauerwas and Barth and Kathryn Tanner. Some interesting stuff, for those who love theology.

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