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How Do You Connect with Muslims and People of other Faiths?

I want you to take some time and listen to Eboo Patel, a Muslim, as he makes an appeal to all Christians. The story at the end of the talk gets to the heart of his message.  As Christians, we are called to be Christlike, like April in the last story.

Q | An Interfaith Dialogue from Q Ideas on Vimeo.

So what did you think of the video?  What questions linger in your mind?  What does it cause you to think about?  How do you approach interfaith dialogue? How do you honor and respect people of different faiths and still hope, pray and call people to consider Christ for all that He is?

Why are some Christians so afraid to love their Muslim neighbors?  I have a number of Muslim friends who I am close to, love, pray with and deeply respect.  Many of them outshine most Christian’s I know in most every area of their life – from devoutness, kindness, faithfulness, prayer life, purity and hospitality (for some specifics).  I desire them to know Jesus like I’ve been given the chance to know Jesus, but I also have much to learn from them.

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