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Hi Ho Silver Oh (Featuring Charlyne Yi) – September 11th @ the Fountain Room in Hollywood

Join us for an amazing evening of music and humor on September 11th @ the Fountain Room in Hollywood.  All proceeds from this benefit concert will go to the Solis Foundation, which gives micro grants to help start new businesses in Lodwar, Kenya.  You can purchase tickets in advance at the Artist @ the Fountain website, or by calling 818.970.2114.  Advance tickets are $10, while tickets at the door are $12.

We have an incredible line up for the evening.  We have Hi Ho Silver Oh, an Experimental/Folk/Roots Music band.  L.A. Record says this about the band: “”There were a few songs that started out with just Trela, the other members staring dreamily at points on stage and occasionally mouthing along to a line. But just when you started to wonder “Wait, what are these other guys doing here?” you’d hear a tsk tsk tsk on the cymbal or a delicate whine from the violin, and you knew this was about to turn into something big. Then all the sounds would ball up tighter and tighter until they’d explode into a sonic rush that made your hair blow back a little bit from your face.”

This picture gives you a sense of their crazyness.

And then there is the special guest Charlyne Yi, who you may have seen in a film or television show.  You can check out her IMDb page. One of her most recent films was Paper Heart.  Here is the official trailer to check out.

Hope to see you there!

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