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A Missional Ecclesiology [In Brief] – Part III

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In part one, we talked about the recovering of missio Dei. In part two how the church is called to be a sign, foretaste and instrument of the kingdom. So how will this happen? As the church understands who she is.

So who is the church? What metaphors do Paul and Peter use to describe who the church is, and how might these metaphors connect with the inherent nature of the five equippers mentioned in Ephesians four?

Paul Minear studied the scripture to see how many of these images and metaphors were used in the New Testament to refer to the church. He found 96. I guess he didn’t have much to do. When Paul describes the church, he uses metaphors like: God’s field, a temple, a body and much more. When he describes the church, he uses many of the images that fit right into his native culture and time. Farm analogies and fishing analogies were quite common, because, in those agrarian times, many people were either farmers or fishermen.

But what if Paul were living today? What if he were an urbanite living in Los Angeles or another city? What images would he use to describe the nature of the church? I will address this in the next post.

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