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Discipleship Part XXI

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In this series of posts, I am sharing some short thoughts from each chapter of Dallas Willard’s book The Great Omission and then some brief personal reflections.

Chapter Twenty: A Room of Marvels
In reflecting on death and the thief on the cross to whom Jesus said, “This very day you will be with me in paradise” we are reminded that our life together under God’s reign,  will continue, but the words that still ring in my ear are: Paradise is now in session.

A Parting Word: “As You Go…”
If we want to see the world changed, what do we do?  Convert the world?  Convert the church?  Willard says no, we first must begin with ourselves.  To make disciples as we go is “to be his disciple, and constantly to be learning from him how to live my life in the Kingdom of God now – my real life, the one I am actually living” (226).

Personal Reflection on this Series
Reading a book devotionally like I did with this one, is a valuable experience, because I approach the book in a different way than when I read a book analytically.  For me, I write down what struck me the most that I want to continue to contemplate.  This book, like most of Willard’s, lasers in on personal transformation to Christ-likeness, and has encouraged me to seek to know Christ better so that I might imitate Him more closely.

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