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A Missional Church Assessment


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This week I have been working on another missional church assessment with a congregation in the LA area. Just like it is healthy for individuals to visit a doctor for an annual check up, it is good for churches to go through a church assessment every couple of years. When I conduct an assessment of a church, here are the five areas that I explore and assess.

Missional Assessment
In this part of the assessment we look at the missional pulse of the group, in particular how the congregation is engaging her context. We also examine how she is forming a missional culture and engaging in missional practices in light of her context and mission.

Ministry Assessment
In this section we look at the congregations current ministries and assess how well they are fulfilling the stated mission and vision of the congregation. We also analyze the strengths and weaknesses of organizational alignment, discipleship culture and ministry balance.

Leadership Assessment
Next we take an in-depth look at the leadership of the congregation and the ministry balance as it relates to the five equipper’s. We conduct a 360 assessment of the key leaders, looking at their performance, their gifts, and their contributions. We then give suggestions for next steps as they relate to the leadership of the church and the future.

Resource Assessment
In this area of the assessment, we look at the current assets of the congregation – in particular finances, building (meeting spaces), community reputation, and spiritual energies. We explore sustainability issues as well as possibilities for the future.

Cultural Assessment
This section analyzes the artifacts, espoused values, and basic underlying assumptions from which the group operates. The goal of this part of the assessment is to discover the cultural DNA of the congregation by understanding the various genes that must be embraced or reexamined.

If your congregation is in need of an assessment or you know of other churches in need of an assessment, please feel free to contact me.  I will be glad to talk with you about the possibilities.

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