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Shalom Makers: Development in the Way of Christ – A More Human(e) Way Part I

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So here is the outline of where I will be going with this series. I will be posting this paper up piece by piece the last week of December and the first week of January. You can click on the orange to see the sections that are finished.

I. Introduction

II. Is it More Human(e) to Separate Humanitarian Aid from Faith?

A. Philosophical Reasons for Separation

B. Ethical Reasons for Separation

C. Practical Reasons for Separation

II. A More Human(e) Way

A. Changing Scripts: Turning on the En(Light)enment

B. Living in Truth Wherever It is Found

C. Listening to the Down Under Script

D. Being Fully Human

E. Freedom as the Politics of Jesus

F. Pneumatic Empowerment and Transforming the Powers

E. Love that Serves, Faith that Works, Hope that Surprises

III. Conclusion

IV. References Cited

I’m really looking forward to posting about this series. Please let people you know who work in the area of development know about this series. I trust it will stimulate some good conversation and thought.

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