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Audrey Blumber on The Good News

Illustration by Nidhi Balwada from India

Illustration by Nidhi Balwada from India

This entry is a part of an on-going blog series called The Good News, which is taking place throughout the Easter Season, from Easter to Pentecost. A full list of the contributors can be found here. Audrey’s local newspaper is the Los Angeles Times. Here is Audrey Blumber on the Good News.


Someone once asked me, while I was waiting for a drink at Starbucks, if I was a movie star. Well, actually, I had on a pair of ridiculously oversized sunglasses so a more accurate version of that story is that someone once mistook my sunglasses for a movie star.

Everyone wears sunglasses in Los Angeles. It’s part of the Hollywood vibe, creating a mysterious, intriguing persona, playing a role, wearing a costume. Even the buildings in LA wear costumes. My architect friend, Jason, complained about the ever-present façades slapped on the front of valueless structures in an attempt to sell them to the public.

Though the façades are deceptive, people come here, nonetheless, to play their role, create their character, find their dream. The promises of Hollywood’s beauty, power, wealth, grandeur are alluring and difficult to resist. For who among us doesn’t long to be valuable, to impact our society?

And you don’t have to live in Hollywood to see that the pursuit of value is all around us, even within us. Within the story of all humanity is this search for that which will finally fulfill us, make us whole, give us purpose. It seems the saddest part of the story is that nothing we pursue ever seems to work.

Into the darkest part of our story, enters the Good News: that even while we vainly pursue that which does not satisfy, He who does satisfy pursues us.

God pursues us. He breaks into the un-realities constructed around us and tells us the true story our hearts so long to hear: we are so deeply valuable to Him that He stepped into our story as one of us in order to pour out His love in the greatest sacrifice possible, in death, that we might understand our purpose, which has always been and ever will be love.

It is the greatest revelation. We are fulfilled by participating in the love story of God and creation, for it is not a character we play then, but our true selves. No longer are we compelled to pursue foolishness, a chasing after the wind. We are free from a life of façade building and costume making and we are sent to spread, instead, the true story. Now we seek to bring the wholeness we have found in God to our relationships, our neighborhoods, our workplaces, the environment, our global community.

Because the Good News is so good, we cannot keep it to ourselves. The sunglasses are off.

Originally from Tennessee, Audrey Blumber and her husband, Eric, now call Los Angeles home. Currently, she lives and serves among the community of Kairos East Hollywood, while also pursuing the new trade of court reporting. Some of her poetry can be found on her blog, unveiled.

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