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Equippers as Environmentalists: Re-Imagining Leadership in Today’s Western Church – Series


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Here is the complete series of posts on the topic: Equippers as Environmentalists: Re-imagining Leadership in Today’s Western Church

I have put it in outline form. You can basically click on any section that interests you, but it is best to read it from beginning to end. Feel free to make comments or give thoughts on any section. As you will notice, I have provided a nice bibliography at the end. You will also find links to great books throughout. I hope you enjoy the read and if you do, pass it on to others.

I. Introduction
The Thesis

II. Understanding Culture and Engaging in Bilingual Theological Reflection
Defining Culture
Leaders as Environmentalists

III. Major Shifts to Navigate
From Print and Broadcast Age to the Digital Age
From Modernity to Post-Modernity
From Classic Science to New Systems Science
From Rural Living to Urban Living
From the Christendom Era to Post Christendom Context

IV. Re-Imagining Leadership in the Western Context
We Need Environmentalist(s)
Equippers as Environmentalists

V. Getting Practical: Equipping in the Local Congregation
The Tools of Environmentalists
The Postures of Environmentalists
The Missional Ethos of Environmentalists
The Practices of Environmentalists
The Dream Awakener [Apostle]
The Heart Reveler [Prophet]
The Story Teller [Evangelists]
The Soul Healer [Pastor]
The Light Giver [Teacher]

VI. Conclusion
Final Thoughts and Bibliography

If you prefer to read this entry as a whole in pdf file, please to to “My Writings” and you can download this series in that form. (By next week) Let me know what you think about the series.

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