Equipping God's People to Create Missional Culture

Equippers as Environmentalists: Re-Imagining Leadership in Today’s Western Church Part XIII

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After an introduction – Part I, Part II, Part III, and looking at the five mega shifts happening in our Western Culture – Part IV ,Part V, Part VI and Part VII, and Part VIII, now it is time to re-imagine leadership in this context.  Part IXPart XPart XI and Part XII starts the re-imaginging process and this post continues it.

The Missional Ethos of Environmentalist
If the equippers are to cultivate an environment that breeds a fruitful missional ethos, then together they must discern their context and in light of their context think about issues such as structure, leadership, communication, evangelism, building community, and membership. The following chart indicates my sense of where we should be on the continuum for each of these elements based on our context in Los Angeles, East Hollywood in particular. For example, when it comes to solid or liquid structure, if the star is closer to the solid that indicates I recommend a more solid structure. If it is between both, we have a hybrid. If it is closer to liquid, we are more liquid. Each factor is important to consider, because an environmentalist has a keen sense of the host culture as well as the ability to shape the culture of the congregation, and where a congregation lands in regard to these factors, based on their context, will either allow them to thrive or just survive.  (Click the chart to view it larger.)

Having examined the tools of an environmentalist, looked at the suggested postures, and considered the missional ethos as it relates to many elements in the life of the congregation, I would like to close with some practices that each equipper can engage in to cultivate a practicing environment, a challenging environment, a welcoming environment, a healing environment, and a learning environment respectively.  In this next post we look at the Dream Awakener [Aposte]

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