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Equippers as Environmentalists: Re-Imagining Leadership in Today’s Western Church Part XII

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After an introduction – Part I, Part II, Part III, and looking at the five mega shifts happening in our Western Culture – Part IV ,Part V, Part VI and Part VII, and Part VIII, now it is time to re-imagine leadership in this context.  Part IXPart X and Part XI, starts the re-imaginging process and this post continues it.

The Postures of Environmentalists
What other helps are there for the equippers who desire to be environmentalists? Tim Keel in his book, Intuitive Leadership, suggests that we need a fresh engagement with our context, our theology, and our structures, and as we engage in these, we will realize the need to have new postures as leaders. He invites us to hold nine postures that cultivate new ways of being. They include:

  • A Posture of Learning: From Answers to Questions
  • A Posture of Vulnerability: From Head to Heart
  • A Posture of Availability: From Spoken Words to Living Words
  • A Posture of Stillness: From Preparation to Meditation
  • A Posture of Surrender: From Control to Chaos
  • A Posture of Cultivation: From Programmer to Environmentalist
  • A Posture of Trust: From Defensiveness to Creativity
  • A Posture of Joy: From Work to Play
  • A Posture of Dependence: From Resolution to Tension – and Back Again (Keel 2007:225-254)

Keel says that we have posture problems, but he helps us to re-posture ourselves so that we might be more ready to respond to the opportunities that God provides for us.

In the next post, we will examine the missional ethos of environmentalists.

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