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Discipleship Part VII

Follow Me as I follow Christ - Photo by Firefigher with a Camera

Follow Me as I follow Christ - Photo by Firefigher with a Camera

In this series of posts, I am sharing some short thoughts from each chapter of Dallas Willard’s book The Great Omission and then some brief personal reflections.

Chapter Six: Spiritual Formation in Christ is for the Whole Life and the Whole Person
“Spiritual disciplines are activities in our power that we engage in to enable us to do what we cannot do by direct effort alone” (52). “…the aim of spiritual formation is the transformation of the self and that it works through transformation of thought, transformation of feeling, transformation of social relations, transformation of the body, and transformation of the soul,” (60) and as we work through these, the will and heart tend to take care of themselves. The gospel is an invitation into the transformative life in the kingdom now, through trusting Christ.

Personal Reflection
I appreciate Willard’s focus on how the good news is an invitation to live under the reign of God in the power of the Spirit today. If our gospel invitation doesn’t include experiencing the transforming presence of God today in our lives individually as well as communally, it is too narrow of a gospel. The gospel Christ preached was robust, it was not just about the hereafter, but the here, and so must ours be.

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