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3 Sites You Should Visit

The world wide web is quite an amazing resource.  While I have written about both the dangers and opportunities of the web in my paper The Medium and the Mission, the digital age has arrived.  There have been a couple of sites that I have been wanting to let you know about, and so let me introduce you to them now.

One of the most creative sites that I was invited to beta test recently is Backlight.org.  It is a place to discover inspiring content and people as well as share our stories and creations.  There are four areas in which you can both share your creations and discover other people’s creations.  The four areas are words, images, sounds and videos.

Words – include personal story, poem, fictional story, quote and other word.

Images -include photo, painting, illustration, tattoo, internet art, sculpture, graffiti, other image

Sounds – include songs, speech, spoken word, other sounds

Videos – include home video, film, animation, music video, other performance, address or lecture, other video

The site is designed incredibly well and I think it is a genuine contribution to spreading hope and encouraging creativity.  I believe the site is still by invite only so if you want an invite, please let me know and leave me your email.  I would love to see your work.  Here are some of my contributions.

Through a mutual friend I have gotten to know a rising talented artist by the name of Joel Lane. In fact, he played at my latest birthday bash. It was a great party and his music added to the richness of the evening. As a recent follower of Jesus, he enjoys writing and singing about his faith. I have enjoyed his music and in the times that I have spent with him I have been encouraged by his passion to grow, learn and share his thoughts through the medium of music.

He has been playing music since he was a child. Joel’s first album was recorded in Vancouver, BC before he was 16 years old. Joel is now 26 years old and is excited to be writing music that encourages others to worship their Creator.

I would encourage you to go to his site, listen to some of his music and if you have an interest in having him play you can connect with him at his site. You can find free downloads, reviews, and his link to itunes, myspace and youtube. We are planning on having him play at one of our upcoming Artist @ the Fountain concerts, where we promote art, artists and raise money for social justice causes.

The third site I would encourage you to check out is missional tribe. Missional Tribe was created and started by some insightful missional bloggers – including Sonja Andrews, Peggy Brown, Kingdom Grace, Bill Kinnon, Brother Maynard, Rick Meigs and Brad Sargent. The site went public in beta format on January 6th, the start of Epiphany.

One of the motivations behind the instigators of this site was to have a place to collect tangible stories from which to draw inspiration to live the missional life. You can find forums to dialogue about topics you may be thinking about and desire more interaction on, you can form or join a group where you can interact with others who share similar interests, you can create a blog as well as submit stories, articles and links to helpful resources and conversations. Go check out the site and let me know what you think about it. And whatever you do, be sure to make the time to live missionally in your flesh and blood life. This site is designed to encourage missional living.

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