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Refocusing for the Future Part I

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Having just celebrated our fifth year here at Kairos Los Angeles, Kairos Hollywood (one of three congregations) is looking forward to having a refocusing time as a faith community. There are a few reasons why we are going through this process. First, we are in the process of giving birth to our third neighborhood congregation this next year. It will be in South LA. So with West LA already birthed, Kairos Hollywood can start to consider her local mission more acutely. Secondly, the majority of our congregation in Hollywood is made up of people we met in LA, so they have an opportunity to help shape the future. Third it gives us the opportunity to freshly hear from God about how to join Him in bring more of heaven to earth. Fourth, we can refocus in light of what we have learned about our context, and finally it is always good to go through a refocusing process every three to five years. Before I go on, let me mention that much of what I am going to share in this particular post is adapted from a teaching by Terry Walling when he was teaching a Doctor of Ministry class at Fuller Theological Seminary.

So what does it mean to refocus?

It is about setting aside specific moments for ministry leaders to listen to God, discern his leading and clarify their future. There are three basic steps to refocusing.

1. Assessing: Where have we been?
2. Discovering: Where are we going?
3. Implementing: How are we going to get there?

What are the essentials of refocusing?

* Recognizing that God is at work and has been at work in building His church
* God’s invitation is for us to join Him in His work
* This is a time to surrender to God’s invitation

What is the desired outcome of refocusing?

* Our call is not to invent a future, our call is to discover what God is doing
* Our call is to align ourselves with His purposes
* Our challenge is to lay down our rival kingdoms and anything that threatens to keep us from participating in the expansion of God’s kingdom

God’s first call to His church is not to action, but to surrender.

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