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Artist @ the Fountain: This Saturday

About once a month, we have what we call Artist @ the Fountain here in Hollywood, where we appreciate and enjoy some of the local and trans-local artists as well as bring awareness of and raise funds for social justice issues, both locally and internationally.  This coming Saturday is our next installment of Artists @ the Fountain at the Fountain Room.  Our opening band is Feminique, an all female acappella group from the Musician’s Institute here in Hollywood.  Our headline band is beautifulcriminal, which is based here in Los Angeles.  You can find some of their music here as well as see a recent video just above this paragraph. Details of the event are here below in this flyer. If you are in the area, we would love to have you come out and join us.  All proceeds are going to help with an annual event we do here in East Hollywood for needy kids around Christmas.  Last year over 700 kids participated.  This year we are expecting close to a 1,000.


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